Let’s pretend this your last night being mine
Let’s do unspeakable things one last time

My lips meet yours like you’re someone I miss
Every ounce of lust is felt as we kiss
My curious hands explore your form
They find your breast enticed and warm
I play with them until you moan
Then I move down to the unknown
There, I find a man in a boat
And use my fingers to help him float
I draw small circles careful and slow
The volume of moans start to grow
You start to shiver as the water rises
But tonight I am full of surprises
My fingers carefully relocate
To the entrance of your heaven’s gate
They enter slowly and look around
They find a button and push it down
Your eyes close and nails go in me
I press the button repeatedly
I go faster and faster, you’re close to breaking
Moments later your whole body is shaking


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