All About You


Like Pac I’m just trying to make it all about you
Lay up late at night and talk about all the things you wanna do
Then we can let one thing lead to another
And do unspeakable things under the covers
All I need in return is the permission to give you this love
I’ve always wanted someone sent from the place above
So what’s your number, let’s get this happily ever after started
Let me give you something too good to be retweeted or hearted
Yeah, I know I’ve shot my shot a couple time before
But a girl like you deserves to be waited on and fought for
Clapback all the niggas giving you the run around and playing games
Niggas with likes and comments from girls with familiar names
Meanwhile the rest of us get curved for being polite and real
Collecting L’s for actually being able to say how we feel
But that’s what happens when you make hoes worth fighting for
But it’s all good, that’s what queens like you are here for


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