White Girl, Oh White Girl


I like to get blunt with white girls just to scare them off
I’m talkin’ verbal physicals, turn your head and cough
She look pale, I look dark, she’s “uncomfortable”
She don’t like it, she don’t heart, she’s “uncomfortable”
She cry Me Too, I yell Me First, bitch I’m still in chains
And all the links are leading back to your Caucasian brains
You see me, you see color, you see lower class
You see weed, you see rhymes, you see girls with some ass
But you’re so kind, you’re so nice, you’re so sweet and pretty
You got blogs, you got stories, you’re so “real” and witty
You love coffee, you love Friends, you love thoughts of sex
You’re royalty, you have privilege and a God complex


3 thoughts on “White Girl, Oh White Girl”

  1. t’s an issue that’s created through culture and hate, but it’s a treatable cancer: it can be fought and be gotten rid of.

    Black people in the US are still, on average, considerably worse off compared to whites. They don’t deserve this, at all. The stats are shocking.

    Discrimination, unequal treatment and abuse are just some of the ways in which it manifests. It is everywhere. It still hasn’t been driven out, and it must be.

    It’s cruel, unfair and silly. It still has to be nonviolently fought until it’s gone.

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