Another Day in “Paradise”


Today I woke up suffering from severe depression, as usual
Nowadays having a good day is the only thing that’s unusual
While my spirit debates on rather I’m going to Heaven or Hell
The natural me daydreams about the day I can afford something not on sale
Flirting with random girls in hopes that maybe falling in love can ease the pain
But it seems like the more I try to fill this void the closer I get to going insane
So it’s back to the nicotine accompanied by way too much alcohol
And poems about how life tortures me and how I don’t see a point to it all
Then there’s the confessions and prayers to a God that feels so far away
Begging Him to forgive me and take me to the place where the angels play
That or a decent house in another city where I’ll meet the girl I end up calling wife
Just anything better than waking up every day wishing I’d been born in a different life


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