I daydream about you as you daydream about another
Impure thoughts almost compromise your composure
But as you drip of fantasy I grow jealous
In my mind’s world, there’s a bedroom with just us
My lips find and tend to both sets of yours
The approaching climax inspires sounds instead of words
You pull me up before I’m lost in a rushing river
But the tips of my fingers aren’t done making you shiver
The pain of the pleasure takes control of your face
But this is just the beginning, this was just a taste


One thought on “Meanwhile”

  1. No, lol. Not too much in the c text this a a beautiful poem.

    I had to go back and look at your comment to see what about this made you think of me or write it with me in mind. I discovered you said ‘write me something me’ which then all became clearer for me.

    It’s lovely and it is a little me 🙂

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