Heaven or Hell


How do you choose God over the pleasures of this life
How do you choose Heaven over a house and a fine wife
From the ones in Hell, the choice is easy
But how do I keep that mindset when bill collectors are calling me
Yeah, I wanna walk on streets of gold but I also want a BMW
Yeah, I wanna live forever but I also love have sex, don’t you
Not to mention alcohol and drugs are like Heaven on Earth
There’s nothing like being distracted from your lack of worth
But at the same time going Hell is still my worst nightmare
I know I’m not living right but I still don’t wanna go there
Isn’t that what believing in Jesus is supposed to be for
Being accepted for my flaws and not burning in a pit forevermore
But the preachers are telling me I still need to be holy
Like that’s really possible today better yet for someone like me
So here I am on my knees asking God, what do You think
Am I going to Hell for loving women and having a drink


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