A Poet’s Soul


I wanna run my fingers over the imperfections of your skin
Replace the breath he took just to take it away again
An act of pleasure so passionate it has to lead to love
A scene so vivid we’ll be begging for forgiveness from whoever’s Above
I wanna run my fingers over the flaws of your perfection
And imagine what you see when you see your reflection
Is it the same person in all my mind’s fantasies
Is it close to the one in all my happy ever after stories
I wanna run my fingers over your heavenly made natural body
In awe of how someone could be so much better than me


9 thoughts on “A Poet’s Soul”

    1. Thank you, I sincerely try. It’s weird but I just read one your pieces and almost wrote you something you. Thought it’d be too weird though. My work can be a bit much. Lol

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