A Nigga’s Prayer


Battling addictions and thoughts of Hell
I really don’t wanna hear whatever story you have to tell
I just wanna know if I’m safe when I leave this earth
I just need to know what Jesus says about my worth
If He really loves me why can’t hear Him when I pray
Lately, it seems like, “Please forgive me” is all I have to say
I really hope The Lord loves me more than I love me
I really hope in the end I at least get credit for my honesty
Desperate prayers, nicotine, and too much alcohol
Every day I wake up it feels like it could be last call
Pain grows in my body but I need something for the pain
Get it? I swear I’m one bad night away from going insane
God, please have grace and mercy on my soul
I know I wasn’t perfect but peace and happiness was the goal
I just needed a little help at the end of day
Please don’t to send me to Hell for being stuck in my way


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