A Divine Revelation of My Humanity


Is there any way to escape the fires of Hell
Is God really that strict, it’s getting hard to tell
They say He’s good and full of mercy and compassion
And I believe that but what’s with all this hopeless passion
Like surely He understands that none of us is perfect
The bible says His Son knew that and still thought we were worth it
So am I really gonna go to Hell for hating my dad
Will God really ignore all the days I was suicidal and sad
I try to forgive people, I mean I really do
But what are you supposed to do when the pain doesn’t leave you
I believe The Son is who He says He is but still I need this drink
I know He saves but this alcohol helps me think
I mean, all I have is the simple pleasures of life
It’s not like I have a lot of money or even someone to call, wife
I just wanna go to work and have a few brews
Go to church on Sunday and sit in the pews
Pray every night or every so often and hope I’m forgiven
After all, what is the real the point of living


3 thoughts on “A Divine Revelation of My Humanity”

  1. Your poetry has great blend of questioning our beliefs, things we taken for granted we think and then have challenged by life, emotions and circumstances.
    But you don’t make it black and white, you make it as gray as the gray it is.

    1. Thank you for reading and taking the time to really feel what I’m saying. I’m really just trying to write something relatable by being transparent in hopes I can reach someone since I can’t seem to reach myself.

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