Who Your Fear Created


On a random he something special
It could’ve been a smile or the color of her eyes
But something changed in him
For a man’s hidden desire never lies

He became casual but kept his distance
But the more he saw her the further he fell
Eventually, the lust turned into something pure
Her beauty became something like a curse or spell

However, rejection haunted his heart’s past
The war between passion and fear tortured him
She was his last frontier, his life’s purpose
But history assisted the possibility of a problem

Days and then weeks came and went
His heart needed her but his mind second-guessed
Eventually, he built up the courage to ignore his logic
And acted on this overwhelming feeling in his chest

He finally confessed his heaven-sent interest
He poured out every genuinely well-kept secret
He praised her beauty on both the inside and out
He shared everything he had been dying to admit

When he was done a strong silence fell
She didn’t leap into his arms, she didn’t smile
The look in her eyes lead to an ingenuous apology
And he was left standing there proven less than worthwhile

From that point on he avoided going near her
And with time he became like many other guys
Bitter, apathetic, and pessimistic
Unbothered or convinced by the look in any angel’s eyes

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