Who Your Fear Created


On a random he something special
It could’ve been a smile or the color of her eyes
But something changed in him
For a man’s hidden desire never lies

He became casual but kept his distance
But the more he saw her the further he fell
Eventually, the lust turned into something pure
Her beauty became something like a curse or spell

However, rejection haunted his heart’s past
The war between passion and fear tortured him
She was his last frontier, his life’s purpose
But history assisted the possibility of a problem

Days and then weeks came and went
His heart needed her but his mind second-guessed
Eventually, he built up the courage to ignore his logic
And acted on this overwhelming feeling in his chest

He finally confessed his heaven-sent interest
He poured out every genuinely well-kept secret
He praised her beauty on both the inside and out
He shared everything he had been dying to admit

When he was done a strong silence fell
She didn’t leap into his arms, she didn’t smile
The look in her eyes lead to an ingenuous apology
And he was left standing there proven less than worthwhile

From that point on he avoided going near her
And with time he became like many other guys
Bitter, apathetic, and pessimistic
Unbothered or convinced by the look in any angel’s eyes


17 thoughts on “Who Your Fear Created

    1. I just wanted to give a guy’s true perspective. We get rejected a lot but somehow we keep trying. However, sometimes there’s this one that really hurts and makes all the difference. It can seem like a bit much for you guys perspective but you all are truly special and important. You may be able to live without us but we definitely can’t live without you. There’s always just something about all of you that we’ll never be able to get over; a smile, your eyes, your laugh or even your poetry 😉

      1. That is very nice! I think what hits me the most about the guy’s perspective is that the way he feels is exactly how the girl feels in my poem. She rejects him because she is afraid that she will like him too much. She can tell she will and that he will break his heart. So like the rejected guy. She is bitter and doesn’t like to put herselt out there. The girl is afraid and left as despondent as the guy. There feelings are very similiar even if the reasons are all different for those feelings

      2. Even though the reactions to the feelings are different it’s amazing that you guys feel the same way. I guess what it comes down to, obviously, is just taking a chance and opening up and even trusting as terrifying as it sounds. And although you might find some deflective but torturous relief in running luckily for you, and unfortunately for us, we’ll never stop trying for a chance to take the road to your heart or at the very least a conversation. Look at me, I’m taking a chance right now. 😅🤣

      3. And I can’t wait to read more of your poems. I do admit I’m slightly if not very intrigued and attracted to your mind, slight rejection or otherwise. Catch ya later fellow poet.

      4. And my blog isn’t that interesting. I write some very controversial things and also some very pointless poems. I can’t really help but write but it never seems to mean much to anyone. I’m honestly just another hopeless romantic. Not a woman I’ve written for, either directly or indirectly, has appreciated anything anything about me. Furthermore my poems on social issues just offend people. It’s kind of a drag but by all means knock yourself out. Lol

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