Once A Poet


Today I am a fraction of myself
Wondering between the present and purpose
Today I sit upon a dusty shelf
My glory faded and worthless

I long for days the days of my destiny
To redeem myself from idle talk
I long to silence the rumors of worth
And upon those men, walk

But God remains a mystery to me
His perfection evades my understanding
His voice is neither whispered or yelled
I am unaware of my eternal standing

Thus I wonder lost in this white land
Glared upon for how I was created
I’m banned from respect and love
But pale souls prejudice has dated

I was once known as a poet
Genius, clever, and witty
I was once known as a great
Now riddled with alcohol and pity


3 thoughts on “Once A Poet”

  1. Add the Black population, Mexican population and the Arab population. White population less than half. World is charging. I went to Atlanta in 1976. Was white and today the state of Georgia is mainly black. My Grandpa told me often. Education, education and more education. Never allow a man to look down at you.

    1. Again, there’s a lot of research you need to do. There’s a little over 10 million people in Georgia. Over 6 million are white. About 73 percent of the US population is white. So even if you had the minorities white people still outnumber us by a lot. However, if you’re talking about the whole world that’s a different story.

      1. I don’t know. I served in the Army for 15 years. My mentors were the Black NCO. Great men. They liked the kid from Detroit. New figures of population is changing. I believe the world is changing. Need fathers and mothers to raise the children.. Education is the key. All races have lost control of their children. Here in Detroit. Drugs are killing the kids in record numbers. I learn from strong black leaders in the Army. Set the example, don’t cry and fix the problems. Time to repair, not to cry. Next election will decide the USA. If the adults don’t mentor the children. Teach them right from wrong. USA will become worst. My Ojibwa Grandmother told me one time. They took me from my home, they cut my hair and they changed my name. I wasn’t allow to speak my language. I don’t hate them, but I remember. Black people, Mexicans and Native Americans must stand their ground. Or poor will become poorer and the rich will control our world. One world and one people. When we kill every person because of hate. Who won? The Military, prime example of how men and women of all races can work together in common goal. Must expand to real life. Puerto Rico and Flint, Michigan. Prime example of poor leadership. We allowed this. Those men and women in Washington D.C. Need to drink Flint water and know hunger.

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