Left On “Read”


Why do white girls find it so hard to respond
They’re all the same, no matter brunette or blonde
You will invest your time and far too much thought
Into a poem of words you find it hard to say a lot
Confessions of their beauty, rather inside or out
Reaffirming how special without suspicion or doubt
Or at least until you reveal such praise
And find yourself waiting for hours and days
For a response it will take a miracle to receive
Then upon a revelation your heart will grieve
And left to wonder how and why
You were not worth even the whitest lie
Not a “Thank you” or an “I don’t know what to say”
But a simple you were not worth the time of day
A lack of communication or perhaps it’s race
Perhaps I’d be more appealing with a lighter face


3 thoughts on “Left On “Read””

  1. I lived a long life. I never met a women who was easy to understand. White women are nice compare to a Arab lady or Spanish lady. Black ladies, powerful and strong. Old school knowledge. Easy women, we don’t want. We want someone, who make us work. Women want what they want, when they want it. Men are just hoping and wishing. The right place and the right time. My Mexican grandfather told me the real wisdom. Women have the power, they have the pussy that men want.

    1. It’s interesting that you think white women are nicer than other ethnicities and maybe they are where you are but you’re also not black an definitely not dark skin. Furthermore you don’t live in the south. Most of the white women I know are casually nice and passive/passive aggressive. They’re personalities are either not that great or boring. The most genuine women I know are in fact black and Hispanic/Latina. Brown women act more like white women to me, or at least in my experience. Regardless, the point of this poem was lack of communication skills and common courtesy possibly inspired by prejudice.

      1. This is real life. Six sister, three daughter and sixty years of life. Women must be careful. Most men are dogs. I told my daughters. Be careful. I befriend and dated women of all races. Took proper time and similar interest. I work with many black ladies. They tell you how it is and take no shit. This is good. My daughters are the boss in their relationship. Hard world for the ladies. I liked your thoughts.

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