Dear White People, Let’s Talk


Let’s take a break from all the cops killing blacks
And get a little more personal with the facts
Let’s talk about all your black friends we’ve never seen
And how you only want us if you can see green
“Love doesn’t have a color” yeah, okay, alright
That’s why you’re going home with fake hipster tonight
Five minutes of missionary then an episode of This Is Us
In aggressively mediocre white guys you trust
The same ones who voted for President Orange Is The New Black
President Tweets I really should take back
And let’s not forget all the humanitarians in Hollywood
Mister if you buy this we’ll go give these poor people some water and food
Misses let’s help all the third world kids cursed with less
Forget all the kids in your country getting abducted by CPS
And nevermind all the white supremacist and KKK chapters
Just follow your heart and live happily ever after
But let me stop before I lose my lose my life on FB Live
And have to listen from Heaven about how I should’ve just complied


20 thoughts on “Dear White People, Let’s Talk”

  1. Not only the black children my friend. Mexican, Native Americans children too. How many kids killed in California? West coast and Western states. I lived in Detroit, all my life. We have our problems. Norm for large city with a large population. Time for every child, to have proper education, shelter, food and safe place to live. I’m Mexican and Ojibwa and white. Every life should matter. People forget. Northern and Eastern States did not have slavery. And some police officers are weak and scare. Here in Detroit. Black, white or women cops. Bad to the bone.

      1. Heard of North Dakota? Here in the USA. Mad man running the country. After Syria, he will want the Native American land. I have researched and I have known great black men in my time in the Military. Can’t allow racism, can’t allow hate. Martin Luther King Jr. words and lessons is needed. Or the USA will fall down. We are in deep trouble and if things don’t change. All of us will pay for the hate and greed of greedy men. Need a 50 million person march for equal education for every kid, no hunger and no war. I pray we can.

  2. Martin King was a Communist. One day you will learn it’s the Fake Hebrews who cause your races grief. Keep blaming Whitey like a puppet.

      1. Stupid is the man who posted this and who has no clue his hero was a communist. The proof is easy to find for those who seek the truth. You have a good day

      2. This is why you’re stupid, I never even mention MLK’s name. He’s not my hero. Had you read more of my work you would know that but you read one thing, felt some type of way, and made all these stupid remarks. You have a good day.

      1. I would if I could! But some things need to be addressed. Quite honestly, you can’t tell me what I can and can’t do. Sorry if that makes you feel weak. Sometimes we can learn from our powerlessness.

      2. Oh God. Lol Well let me know where to find it when you do. I thought you were a troll at first but you’re actually serious so I’m here for what’ve you got to say. I’m open to a conversation.

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