Poetic Activist


Black is evil and void of light
White is pure and always right
You see suburbs and little league teams
We see prisons guards and broken dreams
Liberal or conservative, you’re all the same
You say you care and laugh at “black” names
You don’t call us niggers when we’re around
But agree our kids bring the nation down
From welfare to crime, we can’t win
Oh, you have black friends?
What were their names again?


2 thoughts on “Poetic Activist”

  1. I get the sentiment. I’m brown skinned and so the term is sand-nigger even though I’ve never been to the desert. I’m also not Muslim. In India we often have white people who come here and are racist to us in our own country. They don’t preach it aloud because they’re scared but the sentiment is there. There is also this pathetic caste system and religious Hindu fundamentalism which grows by the day. Indian Christians and Muslims are tortured and killed. So even though I can’t know exactly where you’re coming from, I get it.

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