“Don’t think about it too much”


If I’m being completely honest it wasn’t all you
I played my part like always seem to do
I should’ve just taken some things slow
There’s just some things you didn’t need to know
But I couldn’t help but express myself
After all, who are you if you’re not yourself
But in the process, I pushed you further away
I forced you into not really knowing what to say
Now there’s no way to take it all back
Now it’s back to accepting my stupidity as fact
A perfect connection lost to imperfect souls
And to think with a little patience we could’ve been goals
I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want you back even as a friend
I’ve never been the best with just letting things end
I’ll probably never forget that first conversation
It’s not every day you get perfection without confrontation
I know you’ll probably never need me for anything
But as me, your laugh will always be everything
I’m not really sure how everything got so dysfunctional and serious
All I know is that I hate that we couldn’t help but ruin us
If only there was a way to just start over
If only there was a way talk to you without blowing my cover
I apologize but I just needed to get this off my chest
Feel free to change your mind but if not I sincerely wish you the best


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