Written Without Rules


I likes me a white girl
Yeah, that’s right
I likes me a white girl
And that’s alright

I loves my people
Yes, yes, that’s true
I loves my people
As much my people do

But I likes me a white girl
Perfect is her name
I likes me a white girl
Even if she ain’t the same

That white girl cool
That white girl a dream
That white girl ain’t nothing
Ain’t nothing like she seem

She sassy and kind
She like her some color
She ain’t no stereotype
She ain’t like no other

She ain’t perfect
Ain’t none of us are
Her heart got a bruise
And maybe a scar

She love real deep
And cry real tears
She got some problems
And she got some fears

But she got beauty
Inside and out
Yeah, she got beauty
Without a beautiful doubt


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