Canadian Diamond


I saw a photo of a Canadian diamond
It stood on its point in the sun
There was no comprehending its perfection
It could neither be bought nor won

I stared for hours and then days
My awe fading not a single moment
Surely this was proof of a Heaven
For where else could this have been sent

Then a revelation revealed itself
Something we often miss
The pressure it must’ve took
To refine such a beauty as this

The pain, the weight, the heat
The process of being molded
How heavy the stress must’ve been
How the heat must’ve scolded

But not once did you perish
Not once did you break
But there you stood with pride
With a thousand hearts to take

In that moment you were not for admiration
There was more than beauty to you
You were not a thing but a soul like me
And I realized I was a diamond too


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