Why I Need You


Women may not need men
But we will always need women
This world offers only pain
We suffer again and again

Responsibility weighs us down
There is never a day for being free
Society demands an image from us
A man all men should be

We bring each other happiness
But never peace due to competition
Pride torments us like a thousand demons
For what are we without a position

Day after day our shortcomings haunt us
Night after night our hearts are made hard
We thirst for just an ounce of true love
Despite being deeply flawed and scarred

Women share these struggles as well
But are exceedingly better still
For in their perpetual burdens
They maintain the capacity to feel

Their hearts reserve at least one soft spot
By nature, they are gods of nurture
They only bring peace to our souls
And love us despite who we were

Their breast are pillows from Heaven
Their hearts are our only safe place
Their arms are the warmest blankets
God’s perfection lives on their face

With them, we finally have perfect rest
With them, our troubles magically fade away
Without them, we dwell in utter gloom
Hoping every morning is our last day


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