I had a crush on you the first time I saw you
But what was a broke nigga supposed to do
What could I possibly offer a queen
Especially a queen that was more nice than mean
So I waited and kept my mouth closed
Because the only dreams that come true are the ones no one knows
Proper English mixed in with a little bit of hood
You deserve nothing less than perfect and good
SA girl or not I placed all my bets on you
You’re the type of beautiful people don’t believe is true
You say you’re just focusing on school and you’re always busy
Which is just code for your not interested in me
‘Cause let’s be real, college is just all-nighters and Netflix
DM’s from random niggas and Hallmark chick flicks
But in this lame ass city, I don’t blame you
I don’t even wanna think about all the lames that hit on you
You say you’re not about the bullshit but you’re rarely straight up
But again I can’t blame you because we never shut up
But just know you’re nothing short perfect
Even if you lie about being busy, you’re still worth it
Because honestly, nothing goes on in this city
But even if you told another lie you’d still be too good for them and me


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