Meditating on suicidal thoughts and a better life
I remember when I all wanted to do is make Katie my wife
Reminiscing about my Arkansas and U of H days
Thinking back this is probably punishment for my ways
Getting tipsy in my dorm room just right before class
Skipping lectures to roam campus and stare at ass
Then I’d head to Angel’s and blow all my troubles away
Adderall and weed had me swearing life was going my way
But now I know better, I’m no genius or black king
I’ll probably be dead before these words mean anything
Black and broke in the state with 18 KKK organizations
But somehow racism still isn’t the topic of conversation
One “Thank you for applying” email after another
Then I hop on the phone to get talked down to by my brother
Everyone swearing it’s my fault for these months of bad luck
I just wanna bang Tupac and ride around in some chucks
Speaking my mind about the problems with this country
But knowing this place I’ll be shot before anyone can hear me


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