Don’t Cry For Me Pt.3


Living between a dark and a broke place
Sometimes I wonder if God can see the look on my face
I’ve waited my whole life for a miracle and the sound of His voice
But to no avail so I’m here contemplating a permanent choice
I’d rather die than spend my life working a nine to five
I don’t think I was made to just pay bills and survive
And for all the old school people that might disagree
Explain this deep conviction to turn everything into poetry
But in the end, I question what all the rhymes really meant
Like why was that my gift and why was I sent
Was I supposed to write all these hopeless poems and die
Was I supposed to leave this world without saying goodbye
It’s a shame that I spent my last days alone and hungry
But don’t feel bad and please don’t cry for me


3 thoughts on “Don’t Cry For Me Pt.3”

  1. Valentines Fall, Your deep conviction to write? Could it be your love for life? Could it be your very soul speaking above the trials and tribulations in which we all have? As I read between your poetic lines I see the need for a calming breath. I see a beautiful poem here reminding the readers how being human can often feel! Bravo on your heartfelt message delivered! Keep writing! Poet’s are reading your work.

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