The Young African American Male Poet

2017-11-19 06.40.53-2

Fucking a nine to five, I don’t want a fucking job
I’d rather sell on a corner or pick a bank to job
That’s what you’d think if you saw me broke on the street
But what you don’t know is I’m the smartest person you’ll ever meet
I take photos and write a shit ton of poetry
That being said, don’t ever bring your girl around me
But back to my life, I’m not longed for this life
I’m not one for flipping burgers and going home to an overweight wife
I’d rather off myself on these bottles of pills
And put everyone who talked down to me in their feels
Matter of a fact that, I’m one bad bay from throwing it all away
You say life is precious but what is a poet supposed to do today
This ain’t the history books, I’m not writing a page
I’m just another nigga that’d be better off rhyming on a stage


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