Feminism: The White Woman Movement


I’m not a feminist or a misogynist
I’m an African American realist
You white girls only care about problems when they apply to you
But what about this black queen issue
You complain about catcalls and paternity leave
But our queens can’t even get hired because of what you people believe
You say you just wanna walk down the street in peace
But they just want a car they don’t have to lease
You mistake a compliment for true love
You really think you fell from somewhere above
I mean you cute but don’t none us want you
You’re partially responsible for everything we go through
Not to mention those blue eyes and blonde hair ain’t that rare
There’s a million of y’all in the south, we see y’all everywhere
So just a quick word of advice
I know those A-list celebrities seem real nice
But this isn’t about women but white shame and insecurities
Just ask all the women we keep calling black queens


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