In Defense of Our (Black) Queens


You refer to my race and gender like an omen
You do it again, and again, and again
By the moment I return the favor I’m misogynistic
All your flaws and stereotypes can’t possibly be realistic
And who are we define what beauty means
Like you don’t constantly degrade our queens
“Don’t you hate all those loud and ratchet girls”
All while your stylist tries her best to turn your thin hair into curls
And don’t get me started on the curves you don’t have
Flat chest, no butt, and no lips; you honestly make us laugh
A thousand squats plus implants to hide your naturally basic self
Keeping up with the Kardashians to figure out how to get off the bottom shelf
Yeah our Queens wear weaves just like how you wear extensions
The only difference is our queens aren’t honorable mentions


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