Un-Merry Christmas


What do you do when life is the cause of your depression
And Steel Reserves are your new obsession
Just something to forget all the issues
What I wouldn’t do to be in a rich person’s shoes
Like what do you when your point A to point B
Is totaled by a deer that could barely see
Dents aside you took an innocent life tonight
And all because there wasn’t enough light
But what I wouldn’t do to be in that position
The end of this life aka a pointless mission
Isn’t funny how we stress over a couple of thousand
When there’s people who spend that over and over again
As if it’s just chump change, and you wonder why we pray for change
Like has two dollars every been out of your price range


11 thoughts on “Un-Merry Christmas”

  1. Nine years ago I lived in the Bay Area, CA. I had inherited more money than most people would ever see in 3 lifetimes. I sat on my couch on and off for 2 days wondering what to do with all that money. Well I gave most of it away! Yes I did! What I have left is a heart of gold, and I am as rich as can be.I understand your dire poem more than you could know. Sadly,money has become a God? Give of your soul light and watch the magic of life embrace you! You are special, and you are my tethering hope for a happy ending in your endeavors! Everywhere you are ,every moment you spend is exactly where you are suppose to be, You have a great face, and a million dollar smile, why so sad love? Powerful poem! You may delete this comment,of course.😊

    1. My presence in this life is trivial. My words my little to a few and I’m drowning in my lack of funds. I love you for likeness towards me but unless a miracle occurs I’m as good as dead.

      1. I too have been there! Trust me..when you have had enough, miracles happen! Surround your life with good amazing people! You have that right. Keep writing! People are reading your heart.

      2. ? Not sure where that is coming from? We’re simply strangers writing poetry. Kindness goes out to everyone! I call most people love. It is a term of endearment. I embrace people with caring heart. How else can we/ people ever heal the world? I judge no one. Just care to communicate with kindness. Though not blind to anything. Keep writing your words to the world!

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