Woe is me, I’m pretty


You hate the compliments
You can’t stand all the attention
You’re tired of the royal treatment
You’d rather be an honorable mention

You think all kind words have a motive
You just know that you know
There’s just no convincing you
That you’re average as far beauties go

You don’t know how blessed you are
Some girls never hear the word “pretty”
They’re convinced they’ll never get
A compliment genuine or witty

Woe is you, you’re pretty
Woe is you, you get a lot of praise
It must be so hard for you
To live through all those glory-filled days


8 thoughts on “Woe is me, I’m pretty”

  1. Ha! You read my mind? Today, I was thinking that if I put my photo on my blog maybe someone would read a poem or two! And then I thought..maybe not! It makes me hurt inside that pretty matters most. I will not sell my soul to the devil😉 After all, it’s all about the poetry, right? 😞With or without a picture, judgement still finds us all! Good writing my friend somewhere in the world 🤗

    1. In this case I think you should show your face. It’d be nice to put a face to your kind, poetic, and beautiful words. If it moves some to read your work then so be it. If leads others to praise your beauty then so be that as well. Either way you win. It’s not selling your soul, it’s embracing your blessing in both poetry and beauty.

      1. Very sweet comment. Though I am going to delete my poems. I have no readers. I have embarrassed myself long enough. But thank so very much for you! Time to go .. this is Christmas Eve! My friend in the world, this world in which judgments rule, guard your heart, mind, and precious soul. But give love to everyone!

      2. This is an easy fix. An actual picture of you and hashtags and they’ll start pouring in. People need to see who they’re reading, as far as they’re concerned you could be a spam account. Hashtags put your poems out in the entire cite instead of just your blog. That’s how I got my readers.

      3. And they’ll start pouring in’ ..😊. I’m not looking for attention like that! Yikes. I would just hope to touch a life of some who may be in pain or distress. Suffering takes over so many people’s ability to still live life outwardly, where instead, they lose sight of their living. And without their true consent, suffering consumes them, defines them. I have been there. We all have. I had just hoped to have shared some of my experience in a way that shows light is always shining brightly in the shadows. 🙏 Thank you for your support! How awesome is that! 🙌

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