Father Dearest


Father why did you create us
Why do we suffer day in and out
What’s the point of all of this
And why is there no way out

Where is your strong hand
Why don’t you save us
Is it because of our imperfections
Our pride, greed, and lust

You know sin is in our nature
You know we’ll never be perfect
Yet they say You say it’s okay
Apparently, You said we’re worth it

So why then are we still dying
Why is peace and joy so impossible
Are really you gonna let the devil kill us all
And then hold us responsible


7 thoughts on “Father Dearest”

  1. Your poetry is tender in truth. So many heartfelt lines as well. For me, I see that Lord gave us every tool we would need to have comfort and peace. We are His children, no matter our age..and children are always learning. Togetherness..the greatest tool we all have yet to use?
    Your poetry is beautiful!

      1. No! Don’t lose site my friend! The whole world is not all upset. Two eyes to see everything! The is so much beauty and goodness too! Much of it is in your! Your heart, your thoughts..give them to the world! The sun never stops shining, even upon the moon! Never let gloom define you! Shine! Shine bright dear poet!

      2. Struggle is to help you find your strength! To be the best you can be to be humble enough for the truth in love! I have been where you are!

      3. I have posted 73 Poems for now. My journey is a part of each one. I hope if you may read and find comfort in one poem. There are so many amazing poets here, together we are one! See? 🙂

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