Broken Pictures of God


There’s soil under our nails
There’s rotten fruit in the field
The winter shows no mercy
The wind refuses to yield

The sun brings no hope
The world is still cold
Our souls are still damned
We’re still growing old

We’re the broken pictures of god
Cursed to rest only in the grave
All of our efforts come to nothing
There’s nothing to fight for or save


13 thoughts on “Broken Pictures of God”

      1. I’m not trying to be rude but The point of the two poems I posted was emphasize the darkness and evil in the world and hopeless effort to stop it. For everything good and beautiful thing there seems to 10 more things that are the complete opposite. The earth is not going to forever and neither are we yet we continue on with our agendas and motivations as if they’ll last an eternity. Furthermore, God seems to be harder to find these days which is why most people don’t even believe in Him anymore. Speaking positivity is good but it’s nothing but a myth in world that’s on the highway to Hell.

      2. However, I sincerely appreciate all your kind words and input. It means a lot, truly. I like having dialogue with followers believe it or not. I’m just a very direct person, which often comes off a rude but I’m not trying to be mean. I really like the fact that you’ve been posting so much. Keep it up. Sometimes I feel like the only one who writes that much. Nice to know I’m not alone. Lol 😁

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