For You, Her, and Her

2017-11-19 06.03.32

This time last year you were checking up on me
You called it love and I called it being clingy
Now I’m wondering where you are and you don’t miss me
And to think there was time you wanted to do more than just kiss me
But there’s no hard feelings, it was definitely me and not you
There’s not enough apologies in the world to apologize for what I put you through
Now I’m back in the Ten with girls desperate to trap me or try again
But I don’t need love, I need another glass and an old friend
I used think I’m was gonna be someone great but look at me now
I’m back to two dollar bottles of wine and the one-word question, how
Not mention the girls I do choose to invest in and write about
Are determined to hold on to all their insecurities and doubt
Sugar coating everything I say just to make through the conversation
Nowadays it feels like everything is either a waste of time or loaded with complications
I just wanna go back to writing about anything without having to lie to you
Like, yeah I wrote that and yeah it was about you
And then stop responding just to prove how much I don’t care
Only to get ten missed calls and messages about how our eighty twenty just isn’t fair
But no, instead I’m stuck in the present with people who love to play games
And then get mad when they read something and realize I did the same
Girl please, I thought you were busy so how’d you have to time read all that
All you do is lie but when I speak the truth you want me to take it all back
And if I don’t you get offended and stop responding
Proving your heart is no better than mine and had no belongings
That being said I hope you take everything you just read to heart
And decide if it’s better to be insecure and emotional or worth the time and smart


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