Underground King


I’m starting feel like Drake when he was back in the Six
I’m starting to feel like us and alcohol don’t really mix
Y’all bite like the inspiration is on the market for rent
I mean do you, I just want credit for the movement
I mean how many of y’all really do this as much as me
How many of y’all torture yourselves just to give the people something to see
This isn’t a hobby, this is the furthest thing from a game
This is history in the making, a legacy, a name
I’m not one of these blondes or brunettes writing about my broken heart
If I was I probably wouldn’t still be looking for a start
Nah, I’m the black kid from the south fighting every odd under the sun
I’m the guy giving you stories and inspiration based off everything I’ve done
But despite all the sleepless nights I’m still just another underground king
Barely getting by but determined to turn being worth nothing to being worth everything


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