To all the white folk from the suburbs
You’d be careful to watch your words
What do you know about the other side
What do you know about being forced on the left side
Because they wanna tax you more and not the rich
Of course, you disagree, let’s hear your pitch
Tell me about how I need pay more and end up on section eight
Judge my existence for being a couple of days late
Tell me how you’re not racist because you have black friends too
Black friends no of us have ever see hangin’ with you
Tell me how you’re still a Trump Supporter and not a racist
Look at my black face when I’m talking to you and face it
You’re not a Christian, you’re a Pharisee
And you’re entitled ass will never understand or care about me


2 thoughts on ““Americans””

  1. Not bad and not particularly untrue in the context of how some see things. The thing is that there’ no reason for the average American, who happens to be White and happens to pay for all the handouts given the non-Whites, to understand or care about those who hate them and want their wealth such as it is.

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