I Need the Fall


Recently unemployed, I just wanna go back to being the Fall
I’m talking about V. Fall, you know that guy y’all love to call
I’m talking those OJ and Vodka days
I’m talking those League City stuck in my ways days
I’m talking the guy you referred to as that guy
I’m talking that heartbreaker that would tell you exactly why
I was hustler then, I was a God
All praise to the Most High, please spare the rod
I just can’t help it, it’s the only that brings me peace
It’s the only love that I didn’t have to lease
It’s been about a year since I’ve seen my first ex
It’s been about six since I’ve seen the girl that came next
Apparently, they’re doing a lot better than me
One has a career and the other found someone to marry
Funny how they screwed me over and got rewarded
And you wonder why I have a hard time keep my thoughts sorted
I’m so confused, I’m so lost
I’m so tired of being me and paying the cost


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