Will I be the greatest, who knows
But for now for forgive me for all the typos
I just wanna vent and let it all out
Forgets the edits, I want you to see all my doubts
They say being vulnerable is the key to healing
But no one ever has anything to say when I’m too revealing
I’m talking about masturbation, alcohol, and greed
I’m talking about everything Christians say it’s a sin to need
I just wanna enough money to never work again
As well as help everyone who’s every called me a friend
I’m talking about Mari, Luke, and Michelle
All the friends that’s heard my confessions and would never tell
So if you see God tell Him I’m ready and need a lot more
And if He’s worried about who’ll become just tell Him I’m sure
I’m sure I’ll still be me with a side of lonely
But at least I’ll finally do some good and get a white girl to love me

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