If The Tables Turned


Let’s talk about a perfect world for a minute
Let’s talk about having everything after I’ve won it
I’m talking about that condo down Lakeshore Drive
I’m talking about that all black Challenger I drive
It’s minus thirty pounds and a sober mind later
That one girl that didn’t want me is my biggest hater
She isn’t the only, there’s all the one that looked down me
The ones that acted like I would never be who they wanted me to be
All those League City and SA white and light skin girls
Girls that only want you if you can afford the world
Yeah I have hard feelings, I’ll gladly admit it
I know all you douchebags thought I’d forget it
All those leased cars and treating me like someone you’d never want to be
Now look at me, now I’m the one all you niggas pray to be
What, you thought that Karma tattoo was just for looks
What, you thought there was forgiveness in the books
I can’t afford that, it’s really expensive to forgive
I can only afford being better than you, I can only afford to live


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