“My God”


Dear God, give me my Lord and Savior
Give me a Word I can savor
Give me grace and a strong conviction
Help my with my ways and addiction
My body needs healing, please save me
Please don’t take back all the hope You gave me
Don’t let the Devil and his demons wins
Redeem me and forgive me for all my sins
Don’t let them win, don’t let them claim my life
Don’t let them rob me of my purpose and my potential wife
I know You want more for me, I know this isn’t it
I know it’s all my fault but I beg for forgiveness and admit
I know I’m a piece of work, I know I’m not perfect
I know I’m self-destructive, I know I’m not worth it
But You don’t think that way, I know You’re here to stay
I know You hear me every time I pray
I know one day You’ll save me
I know You won’t let me die before I bring You glory


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