Healing Needed


God if you love me please heal me
Please take away all the pain and make me into who I’m supposed to be
I’m talking about the bitterness in my heart and this pain in my side
I’m talking about all the hateful thoughts I keep bottled up inside
Please forgive me, please give me another chance
Don’t let this be the end, don’t let this be my last dance
I can’t afford health problems right now, I can’t do that to my mom
She’s been through enough, if You don’t do it for me do it for my mom
I know she’s used to pain, I know she’s strong
I know she can be a lot, I know sometimes she’s wrong
But this will kill her mentally and spiritually
I’m sorry, I know it’s all my, fault trust me
I should’ve turned to You instead of the bottle
I should’ve prayed for our relationship instead of lottery numbers and models
I’m so stupid, I’m a certified fool
I’m such a disgrace, I’m such a tool
Please forgive me is all I can say
Please don’t let Your purpose for me die this way


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