Love In My City


I don’t date girls my age or younger
I don’t have time for those insecurities and ratchet hunger
And before you call my offensive and misogynistic
You’re not from here, down here everything I talk about is realistic
White girls only want dudes who make three times as much as them
Black girls are always doing the most and looking for a problem
Hispanics and Latinas are probably the most loyal honestly
And that’s the cold hearted truth here, sue me
But don’t get me wrong, they’re no better
They switch baby daddy’s with the changing of the weather
How are you single with two or three kids
And you think I want you? God forbid
But trust me, the dudes are just as bad
Gym memberships and custom cars to impress the girl you had
Walking around with all that arrogance and pride
Trying your best to be savage to cover up whatever you’re feeling inside
Why don’t you try being vulnerable and loving yourself
Stop taking out your insecurities on girls and go get some help


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