Who do I have, who wants to talk to me
Which one of you girls isn’t influenced by money
I’m talking Jasmine, Caity and Mari
I’m talking all the girls who deserve an apology
You don’t deserve this, you don’t need me
You don’t need someone who always owes you an apology
I need help, I’m an addict, I admit it
That’s I’m going dark for a while, I’m hoping you can get forget it
I’m on a quest to get sober and healthy
I have a goal to be sexy and wealthy
Maybe then Steph will see me in a romantic way
Maybe then Jasmine won’t have to think about rather or not she wants to stay
Oh happy day and I’m not talking about the song
Yes I need forgiveness, yes I was wrong
On the quest to be better I lost myself
I’m ashamed of myself and I need some help
Your speculations were true, yeah you were right
Yeah I don’t deserve you but yeah I’m still willing to fight
I don’t wanna lose you, I can’t lose you
I love you, I swear I love you which means it’s definitely true


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