“You’re perfect”


Okay, if I’m honest I’ve always liked you
I know I’m not the most trustworthy but I swear it’s true
I love that you’re a woman of God and how cute you are
I love that even though I’m not light skin I’m willing to go this far
I apologize for everything, I know I have a past
And I know if you don’t forgive me we’ll never last
Despite all the attraction and admiration
Somehow you’re still the topic of conversation
I know you think Mari doesn’t agree
But she already gave her blessing, believe me
Just ask her, I’ll do whatever it takes for a chance with you
I love your loyalty but I can’t help but take chance with you
I know I made you feel like you weren’t worth it
I know that’s a little conceited but you’re still perfect
If I was lying I wouldn’t be here right now
So I’m just asking that you stick around long enough to help me understand how
I swear to be nothing but a blessing
I promise to do the opposite of all the sins I’ve been confessing
I’m just asking for a chance, one last chance
A chance to prove to you that I’m worth that last dance


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