Manifest Destiny


I just wanna move somewhere west and far away
Start over with some new real friends who’ll stay
People who I haven’t said anything stupid to
People who don’t know about the stuff I used to do
A clean slate from my depression and past
A life worth living, a life better than the last
I don’t wanna be scared of white girls anymore
I wanna be able to sleep without demons banging on the door
I wanna be a real Christian and finally do some good
I wanna be rich enough to do everything I should and could
Pay off some medical bills and student loans
Let the people suffering know they’re not alone
I wanna get married to my best friend and soulmate
Someone who wants to do more than just date
Someone who’s not afraid to love or stick around
Someone who’ll be there until I’m six feet in the ground
That’s all I want, is that too much to ask for
Lord if I keep knocking will You eventually open the door


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