Drunken Fool


I’ll be honest, I know I’ll never be the greatest
Mainly because this generation is only concerned with the latest
Not to mention I’m too bitter and drunk
I’d probably be better off dead in someone’s trunk
Quoting scriptures to Pharisees, don’t get me started
I know I’m a disgrace but this is how greatness is started
I just need to fix up one time or two
I just need anything to make me forget about you
But I’ll admit it, I need rehab and therapy
I need someone who’s gonna love me as much as Caity
I put her through a lot, there’s no forgiving that
I’ve said so much, there’s no taking any that back
Mar is no better, she gets it just as bad
Why either one of them are still here is beyond mad
I don’t deserve either of them, I don’t deserve to live
I deserve this low point, don’t forget or forgive


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