Don’t Leave


I told you I wouldn’t switch up you
And at the time it was completely true
But now I don’t really know what to do
You’re the only one I’ve been thinking about
You’re only one I care about and doubt
Doubt that you’ll ever feel the same
Doubt that the I’m only one who thinks this isn’t a game
I’ll never understand why I think you’re so perfect
I’ll never understand why I convince myself that you’re worth it
Maybe you are, maybe your not
Maybe you’re someone I should’ve just forgot
But I didn’t and now I’m here
Now I’m willing to try despite my trust issues and fear
Is this too much for you, does this scare you
Does it bother you that all these words might be true
Will you disappear and leave me like you did before
Will I just be another guy you always ignore
Will you hurt me again just to save yourself
Will you be the reason why I can’t help but blame myself

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