Friend Zone


Am I the greatest or am I just great
Is this all I’m good for or is it too late
Do you love me, are you really my friend
Is it wise for us to try again
What if you leave again, what if I fall
Will you catch me, will you answer when I call
You’re beautiful but I know you don’t like compliments
I wanna let my guard down but I don’t really like commitment
Debating conservative and liberal views
We’d be better off apart if you follow all the clues
But for some reason that doesn’t stop us
Somehow you’re still someone I love enough to trust
Trying to find the difference between lust and love
It’s funny how lately you’re the only one I think of
But don’t get me wrong, I’m just here as a friend
It’ll be a while before I let you in again
It’s nothing personal I’m just different now
My broken heart turned cold, there’s too much resentment now
Constantly running from the past but it’s starting to catch up
My demons are back and I can’t convince them to let up


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