“I’m not naming any names but…”


Hey let’s talk about something no one else knows
Just trust me and see where it goes
Let’s talk about your past and why your relationships don’t last
Let’s talk about what was on your mind when had that cast
Tell me about your parents and drug addiction
Tell me about your worst fears and deepest conviction
I wanna know about the girl I thought I knew from my youth
I wanna know the real you, I wanna know the truth
I know you have your guards, I know your suspicious
But I swear on everything this will always be between us
I promise this is genuine, I promise I really care
And as long you’re willing to try I’ll always be there
This isn’t about me or them, this is about you
This about you being perfect despite what you’ve been through
I know you don’t wanna think about it and I understand
But me and God love you and there’s a good part to this plan


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