An Act of Desperation


There’s something I need to see before my eyes fail me
I need you to show me if the love is real, don’t tell me
I know my time is coming, I try not to think about it
I know you think we’re all going to Heaven, but I highly doubt it
Debating the gaps in your theology, I know you’re offended
But the gospel is all I got so I have no choice but to defend it
Sending up prayers for change and then praying for answers
Sometimes I feel like my prayers are just words
Still putting pen to page because love is a verb
Yeah, I’m still the greatest the last I heard
The King of Poetry and the Joker of Death
I swear it’s me against the world and God is the ref
Poems, Women, Alcohol, attention; I’m addicted
Ambition, true love and bitterness; I’m forever conflicted


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