I wanna talk about God and love
I want the best I can do to be enough
I wanna get rich and give back to the city
I want the Spirit of God to live in me
Mortality is setting in, I don’t have a lot of time
I don’t have time to talk about everything on my mind
I have to store up my treasures in Heaven
I have to help my brothers outside the Seven-Eleven
Father please forgive me, I don’t wanna go to Hell
I don’t wanna be a story You’re too ashamed to tell
I want You to claim me in front of Your Father’s angels
I need Your blood to save me from every angle
I wanna get to work, tell me where to go
Tell me You love me, I’ve been dying to know
I’ve been dying of thirst, I’ve been dying of pain
I’ve been trying my best not to relapse and go insane
I need to be okay, I’m tired of doubt
I need my Savior, I need a way out


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