Mid 20 Blues


Sending selfish prayers to God like He’s my Genie
Reading scriptures I hope don’t ever apply to me
Living worthless and going to Hell my biggest fear
Oh Lord save me from the end drawing near
Sobriety my biggest obstacle nowadays
Begging for grace and mercy on behalf of my ways
Stress and depression and I’m bound to go astray
Lord please give me the time of day
I know I don’t deserve it
I know my habits and all the reason why should quit
But I know I’m not the only one dying for some hope and fun
I know I’m not the only one regretting most of things he’s done
But who’s gonna help, who’s gonna save us
Who’s patient enough to convince us to trust
Who’s gonna take all the knives out of our backs
Who’s gonna take the gun and pills before everything goes black


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