From Millennials


So much purpose in us we digress
The Most High is the only one who can bless
Our future on the line, we’re far from the best
But we went through a lot in the past we confess
We just hope they’re relapse isn’t next
Pray for us we still need to be great
We still need to say this before it’s too late
We need tell each other to keep pushing on
We need tell them we’re tired of dying for fun
So many politicians claiming they’re the one
But it’s more than words, what have you done
Liking and posting seductive pics
And we wonder why we never get picked
The millennial prophet I hope it’s not true
I don’t have the power to save or help you
Prayers to the Lord for our way out
All hail the generation of stress and doubt
And they wonder why we spend so much money on food
A bottle for the pain, we’re not trying to be rude
We just have no hope, we no answers for the why
We have no reason to live, but every reason to die


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