Remember when you were still living in the Ten
We never saw each other but were still the best of friends
You liked your boyfriend but was in love me
I feel like had I not been scared we’d still be together honestly
But I went ghost and you moved out to the east
I was with Nadia but you were still my world at the very least
Back during those Brandon and playboy days
Back when I swore if I saw that guy I’d turn him into a playboy days
Things were so much different back then I’ll admit it
But I’ll never give up, I’ll never forget it
I always thought I’d end up with you in the end
I always held on to how we were back then
But after all the time and distance things changed
You gave up on everything including your range
Singing nothing but anxiety and depression
It was like being alone was your new obsession
But little did you know I was going through the same thing
Little did you know I tried to take my life after questioning after everything
Always trying to push me away, “Please just let it go”
But what if you’re the only person I still feel like I know

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