Wine Confessions


The break is over, it’s back to the city of mistakes
The place where surviving means doing whatever it takes
It’s so depressing I don’t even think about love anymore
If you see Jessica tell her I don’t even know who I am anymore
A bottle of wine and a room full of vape, you know the routine
I know I don’t say much but you know exactly what I mean
Sending drunk texts to whoever is willing to love me
I’ve been contemplating suicide a lot more lately
Begging the Lord for change, I just wanna be great
I just wanna make a difference before it’s too late
Drafting up apologies for all the love I pushed away
I should’ve embraced it, I should’ve been more willing to stay
Now all I have is Karma and a list of regrets
A broken future with no degree and a list of debts
One of the greatest poets to live but no one will ever know
But maybe that’s what I deserve, maybe I should just let this life go

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